Ancestry DNA Test

What is an ancestry DNA test?

Your DNA holds unique markers that were passed down from your ancestors. Using these markers, ancestry tests allow you to trace your ethnicity and origins back thousands of years.

Which is the best Ancestry test to buy?

There are three types of DNA tests available; autosomal test, mtDNA test and Y-DNA test. Each one working slightly differently, offering different things depending on what result you’re looking for.

Autosomal DNA shows an estimate of ethnicity or the regions of the world where your ancestors originated from within the past hundred or even thousands of years.

mtDNA test, also known as Mitochondrial can be used to trace your ancestry through the maternal line. The Mitochondrial DNA is inherited from your mother’s mother’s mother and so on. Both men and women can have their mtDNA tested.

Y-DNA, on the other hand, can be used to trace your paternal ancestry, looking at your father’s father and so on. As only males possess Y chromosomes.

Ways to find your living relatives

If you’re looking to find any of your existing family, or you’re simply looking to build your family tree, then it’s worth considering an ancestry company that has access to a large DNA database. A provider with a large DNA database will allow you to access their large DNA records to find the continent your family comes from. If you’re interested, simply, look out for ‘Family Finder’ in the provider’s description when you’re doing your search.

Each person inherits half of their DNA from their mother and half from their father. Going back generations, around 25% of their DNA from each grandparent and 12.5% from each great-grandparent, and around half the previous amount for each following generation. This combination makes us all unique!

How much does ancestry DNA test cost?

The cost of the DNA test kits will vary and will depend on the company and the type of analysis you’re looking to buy. But typically, you can find tests from as little as £59 for a DNA history or DNA origin test, going up to over £200. It’s worth noting that some DNA test companies may have special packages that may include a combination of maternal, paternal and autosomal analysis at a discounted rate, so it’s worth taking these into consideration.

Where to get ancestry DNA test?

You’ll receive a swab in the post after ordering your DNA kit, and the results are typically available 2 – 6 weeks after you’ve returned your sample.

How do Ancestry DNA tests work?

Some companies can compare tour DNA test results with a reference database of samples that refer back to specific regions and ethnicities. This is then used to analyze and determine your ethnic background and the regions from where your ancestors have lived in.