Y Chromosone DNA test

In human genetics, there are 23 pairs of chromosomes. These chromosomes are nature’s way of storing DNA in the cells. Out of the 23, there are two sex chromosomes. Women have two X chromosomes while men have one X and one Y chromosome. So the Y chromosome is passed only from father to son.

It makes sense, therefore, that a y DNA test can trace who someone’s father or grandfather was. Searching even further a person can discover their paternal lineage with a family tree y DNA test. But what do these types of tests entail?

What is a y chromosome DNA test?

A y chromosome test is a test for males and examines the Y chromosome which is inherited from the fathers. The test results give information about the direct paternal line and can determine a connection to a certain ancestor.

Investigations into the Y chromosome through DNA testing can reveal migration routes of your paternal ancestors, surname lines of your family and living relatives who may have a Y chromosome similar to yours. Does this mean everyone can benefit from a y-DNA test?

Are y chromosome DNA test restricted to men?

No, according to information from the isogg y tree, women can also benefit from knowledge about their paternal lineage. If a woman desires to discover their direct paternal DNA ancestry they need close male relatives such as a father, brother, paternal uncle, paternal grandfather, or cousin who shares the same paternal lineage or Y-DNA to take a test on their behalf. They also discover their y DNA haplogroup.

Benefits of y DNA haplogroup test

A haplogroup is a type of DNA grouping where similar DNA features or mutations are placed in a set and enable ancestral tracing. There are two types of haplogroups, Maternal haplogroups, and Paternal haplogroups. These based on mitochondrial DNA and DNA in Y chromosomes. These types of DNA are not mixed or shuffled with each other when passed down from previous generations, and therefore are essential to finding out details about our ancestors.

The y DNA haplogroup test indicates the migratory routes of past paternal ancestors as well as finding out what your ancestral clan is.  So in a basic sense haplogroups chart the clans from which the modern human race originated from. This is truly fascinating. Yet, it makes one wonder if Y DNA tests are expensive.

How much does a y DNA test cost?

Y DNA test cost differently depending on what you require from the results. For example, Family Tree DNA has 3 different tests, namely, Y-37, Y-111 and Big Y-700 which cost 99, 199 and $399 respectively. The numbers attached to the Y indicate how many short tandem repeats on the Y chromosome the test would investigate.

For instance, the Y-111 test will look at 111 short tandem repeats which are a series of repeated parts of DNA that serve as markers. If these markers match up between two men they indicate a genetic relationship.

Other Y DNA testing companies that provide similar kinds of y chromosome test kit as well. Oxford Ancestors has a 26 short tandem repeat (STRs) test that costs $249 while Genebase Systems has 20 STR for $119, 44 STR for $199 and 101 STR for $339. Easy DNA also provides a kit for $299.

Additional costs might include shipping. All these companies have a global reach but Family Tree DNA might be the most well known and they claim to have a Y chromosome database of 568,000 or more. The bottom line is that the best y chromosome DNA test really depends on the main purpose of the test whether it about deep ancestry or genealogy.